Update: Get Organized #2….Your Computer

Got an interesting email and then a phone call on my organizing your computer post and I thought I should share them.

1. A photographer who is a computer guru pointed out that for his assignments he uses the assignment’s date as the ID number but, unlike me, he uses the two-digit year as the first two numbers of his ID (year/month/day). That means in his system an assignment shot today (as I write this on January, 14, 2011) would have an ID number of 110114 while using my system, it would be numbered 011411 and be placed in a folder titled “Assignments_2011″. His advantage in doing this means he can throw all his assignments into a single folder and they will be displayed in chronological order by year, month and date. Although I use a separate folder for each year he finds it advantageous to use only one folder for all his assignments and by placing the two-digit year code first in his ID number system the assignments automatically separate by year. Personally, I’m not about to rename all my assignment folders and merge all my year-by-year folders because I’m happy with my system but if you are thinking about a system for yourself you might want to consider his solution for your organizational scheme.

2. Another friend pointed out that I should remind newbies that single-digit numbers should always be typed as a two digit number if you want the list of folders to remain in true chronological order. In other words; 1, 2, and 3 (etc. through 09) should always be typed as 01, 02, and 03 (etc. through 09). You can see this concept being displayed in the way your camera records files too. Even though the first file is number 1 when your camera’s counter rolls over it is always displayed as 0001.

If any of you want to share other thoughts (either anonymously or with due accreditation) on organizing your computer feel free to drop me an email and I will post your ideas…if they’re not to far off the wall.…;)

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