Strike a Pose!

“The whole idea of posing and the real trick of it,” Sint says, “is that you’re aiming to make people look natural.” So why not just let them stand there…naturally? “Because people can stand naturally, without any direction, and maybe they’ll look great–and maybe they’ll look not so good.” And “not so good” is not so good at all when it comes to a photograph. “How people stand often has to do with their physical attributes and how they see themselves. People who study themselves a lot in mirrors, the `beautiful people’–believe me, they know how to stand. The rest of us often need help.”

But making people look natural is only one part of posing, although it is the part that people most often think of when you say the word. “The other part of posing,” Sint says, “and I think the more important part, is for the photographer to eliminate or hide some things that people don’t necessarily want to show. Careful posing can look very natural, but more important than getting people to look natural, you can hide some weight, eliminate a double chin–in other words, make them look better. And if they look better, they’ll be happier with the pictures.

“The job of posing, then, is not only to keep people looking natural–and well-posed pictures don’t look posed–but also to accentuate their good points and diminish, if not banish, the bad ones.”



Excerpt from interview in Shutterbug Magazine.

Posing Is Problem Solving…But Why Bother?



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