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Flip That Flash

Flip That Flash! Disclaimer: If you are interested in purchasing any of the products mentioned in this blog post you can click on the Adorama link on the right side of this page. Doing so will NOT affect the price of the purchase in any way, however, a small percentage of your purchase price will [...]

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Rubber Bands, Velcro, and Tidbits

Rubber Bands, Velcro, and Tidbits After reviewing the post I put up last Sunday, I realized I left out a couple of bits of information that I wanted to add and there is one item in my gear kit that I have updated and I want to mention it too. First off, I’m a big [...]

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Cheetah Stands Update

As readers of my blog posts have noted, I was happy and excited to announce the return of the fast operating, Redwing type of light stand from the company called Cheetah Stands (model C8). Well, I have now used my new Cheetah stand and can report that my happiness was justified! The new Cheetah stand [...]

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NewsFlash – Cheetah Stands

An old favorite returns with a new name! I don’t know about where you live and work but one of the hottest accessories in my neck of the woods (NYC) was the RedWing automatic light stand. Sadly, the distributor stopped importing them a few years ago and soon after (when the stock of them sold [...]

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Get Organized – A book excerpt

What follows is a sidebar in the equipment chapter from my upcoming wedding photography book, “Digital Wedding Photography: Art, Business, and Style” published by Lark Books and available in stores in early 2011. Trying to finish the new book and keeping up with my May/June wedding schedule has me a bit frazzled and that has [...]

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