A Thank You and Some New Rules

First off, thank you to the people who have contacted me and joined my mentorship program. I will do my best to get you correct, understandable, answers quickly.

Surprisingly to me, since the mentorship program announcement, a few photographers in my geographic area (New York) have contacted me about personal, one on one, private photography workshops. I have worked with two photographers already and just booked a third photographer for a session. While not inexpensive, they do give an individual a chance to get focused, specific, information on exactly what they are interested in finding out about. These sessions are not for real beginners, but for those more advanced photographers who already have an understanding of basic photography and know the difference between an f-stop and a bus stop… ☺! While my schedule is pretty busy with assignments, writing, and keeping up with this website, if you are interested in this kind of meeting go to my contact page and give me a call – I can probably work something out that suits both of us.

Secondly, to borrow a bit from Bill Maher, there are some New Rules about comments sent to this webpage.

1. The only comments that will be accepted and/or posted must be written in English – sorry but I just don’t have the time to translate those that are not in English. So, if you want to get your comment read or even possibly posted (see the next rule) and not immediately trashed write it in English or don’t bother to write it at all.
2. No comment or website that is an advertisement for pornography, videos, pharmaceuticals, software, or any other product except those that deal directly with serious photography will be accepted. Except as noted, they will all get trashed without being opened – all the time.
3. If you send a comment that doesn’t have a valid email address it will end up in the trash – sorry, but it has become a new rule for comments at this site. But, please note: No one who comments on this site will have his or her email address or website shared publicly.
4. If you are incensed or crazy mad about something I post on this site it will always be posted, as long as it doesn’t break any of the three rules above. While I’ll never avoid a good, clean argument or discussion, I just hate BS spam and phony email addresses – it’s a total waste of time!
5. All words and images on this site are ©Steve Sint (various years) and will be defended vigorously. If you want to use some of the information posted here with a link back to this site please feel free to contact me by private email before you do. Just a word to the wise.
6. The final arbiter in any questions or comments about any of these rules is SteveSint.com. What you write or post on your own site is your own business but this site is mine.

Thanks for your understanding.
Take care.

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