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Digital Wedding Photography, 2nd Edition: Art, Business & Style (A Lark Photography Book) by Steve Sint

"The first two editions of Wedding Photography were THE authoritative references to the profession. Now, Sint covers digital with the same skill and thoroughness, showing how photographers can take full advantage of its technical potential. He covers every aspect, from getting the job to taking the right shots to selling the albums, marketing your work, and making a profit-while keeping everyone happy along the way."

Preorder your copy now. Ships June 2011

Digital Portrait Photography: Art, Business & Style (A Lark Photography Book) by Steve Sint

"The opening chapter, PORTRAIT PSYCHOLOGY, is simply incredible. Then the meat comes along, chapter by chapter, including framing, lighting (basic & advanced), using lights, posing the face and body, makeup (!), equipment and the business side of portraiture. This literally is a course in portraiture...and an incredible one."

--Tom McElvy

Wedding Photography, 2nd Edition: Art, Business & Style (A Lark Photography Book) by Steve Sint

"Steve Sint takes a no-nonsense approach to the business of wedding photography. The book is easy to read and offers some light humour in a package that provides several tips on how to overcome the many challenges faced by wedding photographers including lighting, group shots, posing, selling yourself and your work, and much more."

-- J. Giles

The Bride's Guide to Wedding Photography (A Lark Photography Book) by Steve Sint

"This is a MUST BUY for EVERY bride. Whether your photography plans are a disposable camera or a carriage-trade professional photographer, Steve Sint tells brides how to get the best wedding pictures. Even if you're already hired a photographer, he tells you how to stand, how to wear your hair and makeup, how to choose a wedding gown, even how to walk in it, to ensure that you get the best photos possible. Don't forget -- Steve literally wrote the book on wedding photography. His "Wedding Photography: Art, Business and Style" is the Bible of weddding photographers across the country. Now he shares his expertise with the bride. This book should become as standard as a copy of Bride magazine. "

--J. Craig Shearman

Steve Sint's Tips, Tricks and Hint's: 101 Secrets of a Professional Photographer (Magic Lantern Guides) by Steve Sint

"A cult classic!"

-- Eric Friedemann

Wedding Photography: Art, Business and Style by Steve Sint

"Steve's book should be the wedding photographers bible. Chapter by chapter Mr Sint goes into virtually every detail that a photographer needs to know from what equipment they should have, to how to price your packages. His chapter on posing is masterful, he uses models in black leotards and tight pants so that the reader can see the actual poses without the interference of gowns and tuxes."


--John Riddell



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